K2s in small places everywhere

When deploying k8s in small places and on small compuster we need som extra stepps to wotk.
we dont have network between them. And nodes can be disconnected for a long time.
Here are some k8s service that are deployed on the basestation node.

Grafana / prometeus

Deploy grafana and prometheus to display data


Resusing service for your nodes

Regular we deploy our service into the cluster and then it can be on any node.

But here we use our demonset and then with node selectors chosse where os service runs (Its upsida down :-)

gpio (rasp)

Send commands and contril raspberry gpio pins from example a cronJob

Mi Plant (rasp)

Get data from Mi Plant and send it to promeheus

Camera (rasp)

Get photos from raspberry camera


Come and join

If you are a fan of iot / k8s and putting stuff togheter. Then you should join and find new places to deploy k8s cluster on and new things we can use.

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